In 1992, Glock redesigned their firing pin safety system and offered owners of legacy pistols a free 6 part upgrade: firing pin, firing pin safety, firing pin safety spring, extractor, spring loaded bearing, and trigger/trigger bar. The upgrade applies to pistols with the following serial number ranges:

  • Glock 17 – serial number prefixes AA – WF
  • Glock 19 – serial number prefixes through WJ
  • Glock 20 – serial number prefixes through WW
  • Glock 21 – serial number prefixes through XL
  • Glock 22 – serial number prefixes through YA
  • Glock 23 – serial number prefixes through SK

As a Glock Certified Armorer, On Mission Arms is happy to acquire and install these upgrades for you. At the same time, we’ll have a look at your pistol and replace any other parts – from sights to springs – that need to be replaced. 



Ultrasonic Cleaning Service – $75


Glock 26 Everyday Carry Pistol – Would you rely on it to protect your family? 

All pistols require maintenance.  Glock pistols are designed to operate with minimal maintenance and only small amounts of lubrication – just a few drops in specific areas. Over-lubricating a Glock will cause collection of unburnt powder, carbon.  Everyday carry can result in lint, dust, dirt, hair, etc oiling up. 

All this could interfere with proper functioning.  Our Glock Tune Up service will make sure your firearm is ready for wherever your mission takes you.  Let our GLOCK certified armorer detail strip your pistol, replace any worn parts, and ultrasonically clean it ($75 + cost of any necessary replacement parts).

Glock 26 Everyday Carry Pistol – after Glock Tune Up Service

On Mission Arms is a fully licensed firearms trainer in and dealer providing customized services by appointment.

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